Bursary and Language Assistant Programs

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The French Programs and Services Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in cooperation with Canadian Heritage, offers French language bursaries and employment opportunities.


    Nova Scotia French Language Assistant Program
    Deadline:February 28th

    Employment opportunity (part-time) for full-time students to work as French language assistants in P-12 schools. Placements are near universities throughout Nova Scotia. The program is 8 hours per week and is remunerated at approximately $ 20 per hour from October to March ($3,840).

    Click HERE for the application form.

    French Teacher Bursaries

    Deadline: April 30th (summer courses), October 15th (fall, winter, and spring courses)

    This Bursary assists French first and French second language teachers in developing their linguistic teaching methodologies. The bursary is valued at a maximum of $ 1,500 per academic year.

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    Bursary Program for Full-time Students

    Deadline: May 15th (for those with 1.0 post-secondary credit or less), September 30th (for those with 1.5 post-secondary credits or more)

    This Bursary is available to full-time students enrolled at Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia. Students attending a Canadian francophone institution outside of Nova Scotia will be eligible for the bursary, only if the chosen program of study is not available at Université Sainte-Anne.

    The bursary is valued at $2,000 for students with 1.0 post-secondary credit or less and $1,000 for students with 1.5 post-secondary credits or more.

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    Deadline: February 15th

    5-week spring or summer French Immersion program for full-time Canadian students. The $2,200 bursary covers tuition, meals, accommodations and more.

    Deadline: February 28th

    9-month contract (September - May) to work as a language assistant in P-12 schools, with placements throughout Canada. Language Assistants must be fluent in their language of work (French or English)

    Deadline: March 31st

    3-week summer immersion program for francophones in grade 8 or 9, residing outside of Quebec. The $2,000 bursary covers tuition, accommodation, meals and more.